I began this blog in a search for truth.That is not an easy endeavor for anyone at any time in history. But it seems that NOW in particular is “the times that try men’s souls” (Thomas Paine)…and women. Or perhaps that is just how we see it.

It is certainly a time of change, upheaval and transition. A time when you can get 128 GB of storage, more than used to be housed in NORAD, for £25 on Amazon…and have it here the next day.

But even with all that knowledge or perhaps because of it, humanity is struggling to reconcile all of its systems…religious, economic, political and society itself…with new realities.

As a mother, who has given birth naturally, I know that the most painful part is Transition. Those last few centimeters…that time just before the serious work of pushing your new baby into the world.

Humanity is in transitions…

And through these painful times we must hold onto the vision…that new reality…a new dawning.

Do I have the answers that will give us that hope of a new day? Probably not…all I do know is that LOVE will lead the way. It is the universal law…and the only hope against fear and hatred.

So this is the place that I have created to stick all those writings that do not fit neatly into my writer’s blog or into my homemaker one either. I searched hard for a name…but in the end all I came up with is what it is at its core…Tara’s musings.

This, besides the arms of my beloved partner Cookie Monster, is where I come to think out loud. That is all it is…take it for what it is worth.


June 2021

Wow, so much of that still applies. Perhaps even more so, in this Covid age. It makes me wonder –

WHY did I abandon this blog for so long?

Oh, well, we can’t change the past. But we can do better in the future.

So, what are my plans for this revitalized Tara’s Musings?

Belly Mama

As we get older, our perspectives change – on everything. This is my journal space to talk about that journey. While I am still Transcendentalist in many of my thoughts & beliefs, I have incorporated other teachings along this path. One that has become central to my beliefs & values is the goddess in all her manifestations. While I deeply identify with the unnamed goddess of central Europe, whom I call ‘Belly Mama,’ it is the premise of the triple goddess – Maiden, Mother, Crone – that will be the focus of this blog.

Last week, I celebrated my 56th birthday. As I reflected on the significance of this milestone and my journey so far, especially in light of modernity’s longer lives, I felt that how we define those stages must change to reflect this new reality.

Maiden was once defined in misogynistic terms as a virgin or unmarried woman. In a more sexually enlightened world (though sadly still too misogynistic), this is no longer a valid measure of maidenhood. Likewise, many women delay or opt out of motherhood all together. And certainly, women my age still have much to contribute to the world.

My theory or premise upon which this blog is based considers these issues and looks something more like this:

The Maiden is one who is still learning and exploring who she is, what she wants to be, her place in the world, and her values. It is that childish exuberance that defines this period. Although, reluctant to sign numbers to any stage, this period is the first third, or perhaps thirty years in our modern life. We are focused on education and PREPARATION.

Likewise many women are delaying or opting out of traditional ‘motherhood’ altogether. Perhaps this second stage of life could be better defined as PROCREATION. That could, of course, encompass motherhood, but also career, relationships, and other ‘productive’ endeavours.

Once called Crone, and gentler term is Wise Woman. This final stage of life is increasingly being pushed back. For me, I have chosen to define my Wise Woman years as beginning at sixty. I see this stage not as ‘retirement’ or a long road to disability or death, but as the most valuable. They are the years when we are most able to control our time and focus our energies. Many have come to the point where they understand themselves better, know their ‘truth,’ and this is the time when they can act on those values. Free of the demands of work and family (at least more so).

With that belief and the arbitrary deadline of sixty in mind, this is MY journal of that process. That four year….

Journey to Wise Woman.

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